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Efficient Recruiting Solution
that makes both recruiter and agency leadership happy


Placement Dashboard enables faster decision making by leaders

If you’re like most agency leaders, you need visibility of operational performance. You can’t waste time chasing your team for placement updates. You don’t need another meeting or batch of emails to get a simple status update to inform your planning.

Keisok’s placement dashboard gives you real-time insights that enable you to take the right action at the right time to deliver enhanced customer service to your clients and support sales activities

Kanban Tracker allows easy tracking of candidates For each 


Our Kanban style tracker keeps track of

candidate status in real-time. Eliminate manual

reporting and the need to keep track of candidates

with spreadsheets or complex CRM solutions.

Intelligent Survey gathers insights beyond job descriptions to deliver best fitting candidates 

With a few clicks, create an intelligent survey that hiring managers can complete in minutes. Now you have the advantage of insights to match the best candidates for each job order.

This beats spending your valuable time on each job order, trying to extract key requirements from busy hiring managers via emails and phone calls.

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AI Sourcing provides simplified candidate-to-job matching workflow

Keisok analyzes and learns your preferences to reduce the effort it takes to source, rank and connect with job candidates.

Keisok is integrated with multiple job boards and systematically gathers candidate resumes that match your preferences. For the shortlisted candidates, Keisok sends personalized messages and automatically schedules interviews.  


This eliminates the cumbersome and time consuming tasks of searching for candidates on multiple job boards or LinkedIN, sending messages to validate interest via email/text, and scheduling interviews.

Survey Workflow enables better candidate matching with timely feedback from hiring manager

With Keisok retrieving timely feedback directly from the hiring manager, you are able to quickly adjust your recruiting efforts.

This eliminates the need to chase hiring managers for days, to get the valuable feedback you want and your candidates expect.


Schedule demo now to see how to double your placement rate

Keisok helps you deliver the best candidate for each job order, while saving you hours to focus on more placement opportunities.

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